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Gift Certificates

Blueline Gift Certificates are a great gift idea for everyone.
They may be used at the store or range, or applied to training or classes that we offer.

Purchase Instructions:

EASY:  CLICK HERE to buy a gift certificate.

What Would You Like Your Gift Certificate To Say?

Follow the prompts to CUSTOMIZE your certificate.  Be sure to include a phone number in case we have any questions and need to contact you.

Things you may customize:

  • the recipient’s name
  • who the certificate should indicate as the giver
  • message to recipient, if any (such as “Happy Birthday”)

These items may be kept blank if you would like a more generic card.  OR, we could leave lines for you to fill in these items yourself in case you are uncertain at the time of purchase.

How Would You Like Your Gift Certificate Sent?

We can:

  • email YOU a .pdf that you can print from your own computer to give to the recipient.
  • or
  • email YOUR RECIPIENT a .pdf that they can print from their own computer.  If you choose this option, please be sure fill out the appropriate box with the recipient’s correct email.

Orders will be processed the following business day by 6:00 PM.

Friday – Sunday orders will be processed on the following Monday by 6:00 PM.

Please direct all correspondence concerning gift certificates to the email noted below.  This is an automated system, so please do NOT call the store or range as they will be unable to help you and will only direct you to send an email.

Please CLICK HERE to buy a gift certificate.