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Private Instruction

BLUELINE is pleased to offer private instruction by top notch instructors.

Work on your stance, steady your aim, perfect your shooting technique. Get helpful tips and evaluation of your body alignment and style. Ask questions / get answers – real time!

Range Time Charges apply according to your Membership Category.
Fee for Private Instruction:
$ 50 per Half Hour
$100 per One Hour

To book your appointment, call 914-560-8431.
Or email:


Jim Riley 3JIM RILEY, Instructor / HR-218

Jim is a retired NYPD Police Officer with 20 years experience of solo patrol assigned to the Transit Police. His last command was the Department Firearms and Tactics Section where he was assigned as a Firearms Instructor as well as an Instructor in Taser ECD, OC Chemical spray and Simunitions. Jim was one of four Instructors assigned to retrain members of the service that needed one-on-one instruction to meet Department qualification standards, and helped implement the advanced tactics course of fire. He is certified by the NYPD Intelligence Division in Executive Protection. He is also a certified Instructor with the Department of Homeland Security in Advanced Active Shooter Response, Indicators of Terrorist Attacks, Tactical Emergency Care and Screening of Persons by Observational Techniques. Mr. Riley is a NRA certified Pistol Instructor as well as a certified New York State EMT.

Jim may be contacted directly at:

Gino VieiraGINO VIEIRA, Instructor

Gino Vieira served in the United States Marine Corps Infantry for nine years. During combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, he led Marines In counterinsurgency operations, helped detain known enemy combatants, assisted in discovering improvised explosive devices, and aided in repelling enemy attacks in direct fire engagements. He is a military qualified expert in the M-16/M-4 family of military-style rifles.

Gino has developed combat marksmanship skills of Marines and NATO coalition forces at home and abroad. Gino’s “trademark” articulateness and patience allowed his students to successfully understand marksmanship methods and techniques despite diverse language barriers.

Gino is a NRA certified Range Safety Officer and a NRA certified Instructor in Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun, as well as In-Home and Outside-the-Home Personal Protection.

He is also certified by Sig Sauer as a Master Pistol and Master Rifle Instructor, as well as an Instructor of Semi Automatic Pistol and Patrol Rifle.

Gino may be contacted directly at:
or by calling: 914-909-4503